Ludington Pickleball

Pickleball in Ludington

photo: Todd and Brad Reed

Ludington is a favorite West Michigan vacation destination for all seasons, and it’s also a great place to live for summer residents and year-round locals. There’s so much to love about Ludington– beautiful beaches, lighthouses, the Ludington State Park, and so much more. Ludington offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including swimming, biking, tennis, kayaking….and pickleball!

Helpful Information for Pickleball Enthusiasts

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LAP Merch is available at Gordy’s! The cost of any item is Gordy’s price plus $5. Members can go to the store, pick out any item, t-shirt, (lots of colors and styles), hats, bags, etc.) and have the LAPB logo printed on the item. For the shirts the front can either be a plain back or ‘Pickleball Rules in Ludington, Michigan’ or ‘Where the courts meet Lake Michigan’ on the back. If you have any questions, please Contact Us. Thanks again for supporting your Pickleball club!

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